I think backer content i designed was not added to the game yet

hi all, how do i find out if content i designed was even added? i do not know what it looks like if the dev changed anything, and if not, i still cannot find it at all. any help finding it, or finding out if it was even added, is much appreciated, and good luck with upcoming early access release :slight_smile:

Backer traits, spells, specs, npcs, costumes and decorations were added to the game already, I believe. Creatures and realms/gods were not, but will be added with the next patch currently targeted for November 15th (which could change). At that point, all backer content should be in the game. If you tell us what your content is we can tell you if it’s in the game yet or not.

thanks for the heads up. its appreciated. i still however, despite hundreds of hours in this glrious game, have not seen any trace of the decor ect, and another reason i am curious, is in the survey from a long time ago, i used google drive links since i had some reference images i made, and in my curiousity checked them, and it seems no one ever went to them (as far as i am aware), hence why i was curious. so, in light of this, i wish to ask, where do i find backer decor in game, in case i screwed up in trying to find it, and my main save was made during alpha, in case that also screwed up stuff

thanks for any help and advice.

If you go to the menu in your castle and go into decoration mode and place decorations you can see all that you’ve found/unlocked, which is backer stuff mixed with regular stuff, and no distinction between them that I’m aware. You will find these randomly while traveling in realms.

If you describe your decoration(s)/backer content someone can probably tell/show you that it’s in the game, if you haven’t found it yourself.

sorry for very late reply, i was finding old links from when i posted them to survey. here is what i sent, if it helps with figuring this out


For costumes, you’ll need to check the enchanted wardrobe (looks like a purple door) in your castle.

Your first link is in the game there under the name “Garments of Little Leto”

I’m not sure about the second design, but maybe someone else can help you out with that one. Do you remember if you gave it a name?