I think my team is kinda gay

Left to Right:

Nexus Amaranth/Aaxor Apocalypse
Amaranthine/Agor Apocalypse
Planetary Amaranth/Zarox Apocalypse
Enclave Amaranth/Gorum Apocalypse
Radiant Amaranth/Bard Jongleur
Lost Amaranth/Inox Apocalpyse

Built up primarily for the aesthetics but is pretty strong. Shield artifacts equipped on each creature Paladin Specialisation. Very limited spell gems at present, but I can definitely see myself using this team fairly often so it’s added to the list that I’m building up. And it’s the most interesting one I think I’ve put together so far which is why I felt like sharing this here.

p.s. I myself am kinda gay so please don’t take any offense
p.p.s. Must also commend the developer for his excellent taste in music :sparkling_heart: