Idea for a new punishment

Enemies that you greatly outlevel run away from you. That way you can focus on gaining favor on lower depths without fighting. The name could be Intimidation or something like that.

Does that make farming favor too easy?

It’s not like fighting one level 1 creature is hard.

I support this greatly tbh.

I really love this idea but balance-wise, this will make farming for loots, resources, and favors at least a few times more efficient than doing realms normally.

I think make it so you can’t get any loots at all when this punishment is on and also have to trade 1000 of each resource for every 150 favor- same rate as offering at Lister’s temples. When player doesn’t have enough resources, player can no longer gain favor. (or lose power balance, or any kind of equivalent trade-off for the benefits player receives)

This way it befits being a punishment.

If it needs to be more punishment-like it can just go the Nervousness route. Just call it “Suspicious Odor”, “Foul Smell” or whatever and add some flavor text about how horrible you smell.