Ideas for Monster catching games: part 1

Hello, as you can guess, I’m going to basically rant about a few ideas I have for mechanics for games like siralim.

  1. stages of growth: one thing I feel like that pokemon has that siralim doesn’t is some kind of way to show that your pokemon is getting stronger via evolving. my basic Idea is that monsters should have some kind of visual way to show growth instead of just staying the same form for the entire game

  2. Tiers of creatures: I figure there should be some sort of tier system for weaker and stronger monsters and the rarer the monster the higher the minimum rank is (Ex: rank S). of course, it would be boring to see only a small variety of creatures in each team team, so in order to fix that, there could be the ability to breed creatures to create offspring of higher rank ( I figure that these offspring should also have at least a slightly different appearance depending on their rank)

  3. Breeding exclusives: you know how sometimes you breed monsters in siralim to get a monster you never had before and a little while later you end up finding it in the wild? well, I don’t recall it ever happening to me, but I’m pretty sure it’s happened to a few people. Anyway, I figure there should be some exclusive creatures that can only be bred to obtain. Of course, they would be very powerful but also be very hard to get

well that’s pretty much all I’ve got for now, please reply to me so that I can tell if these are good ideas or not