If there is one thing I could take out of the game

for me It would be the stone debuff resistant enemies. It doesn’t add any challenge, and they’re not fun. It’s pure tedium just trying to kill them off with insta death effects/spells, or waiting out the stone debuff to be able to damage them.

What are some other things that just don’t quite fit, or don’t add to the game in any meaningful way according to everyone else?

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I am not a huge fan of Stone in its current form either. It will probably be overhauled entirely at some point, but I’d like to make it do something unique since we already have too many debuffs that prohibit creatures from taking their turns.


I liked stone in Siralim 1 with the chance to 1hit KO creatures afflicted by that debuff. It was very powerful, but if the resistant to stone just removed that chance of 1hit KO and still allowed damage to be dealt, even if it’s at a reduced amount I think that would be a good change.

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I agree, I though i would put the trait that stone 3 enemies at the start of the fight to make my team more resilient in early turns, turns out it only slowed fight a lot, also even normal enemies didn’t take damage from damaging effect (like the hunter abilities), I like the idea above a debuff that give you a chance to second type of “critical hit” (maybe you have 30% chance ( and trait to boost such chance?) for an enemy affected with stone to take a damage *3, coupled maybe with a reduction of the monster speed per turn), it would be pretty good, especially if the damage can proc of an indirect hit, only a possibility, of course.

You could consider the good old Final Fantasy VI formula for the Stone debuff. Namely it slowly petrifies you, doing nothing at first, but ‘killing’ you outright after X number of turns.

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