Ignore Gene Strength

I haven’t had a chance to try New Game Plus yet in Siralim 2 (maybe this weekend), but I saw that one of the options is “Ignore Gene Strength”

I am curious if anyone had tried that. It isn’t clear to me how this would impact the gameplay experience. In particular, it isn’t clear whether this makes the game easiest or harder …

I’d say it makes it easier, as I’ve never used GS in my parties before and I could handle enemies with it.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. I’m also using classic mode and I’m having trouble even with Ignore GS enabled. If I’d left it turned off I’d probably have to breed my creatures periodically (and then level them up again, which takes a long time in classic mode). Having both the options enabled feels like the perfect balance to make the game more rewarding and interesting (in my opinion, of course).

Hmm … Ignore GS + Classic mode might be a fun thing to try. (It has been about six months since I have played any Siralim 2, so this might be a good way to scratch my Siralim 2 itch)

Are you playing random creatures or standard creature ordering? (Random creature seems like it might be a fun way to force myself to use different strategies against the story bosses.)

I didn’t enable RCM myself because I started with every core anyway (I wanted to start with my planned team from the start). But it seems like a fun mode if that’s your thing.