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So I’ve been around the block looking at traits for builds, and something that’s been nagging at me is the Raptor Occultist trait. Your creatures have 7% more intelligence for each non-ethereal sorcery spell gem. Now you’d think “hey that’s pretty cool”… But it limits it to 3.

Now, first off, this kind of punches a lot of things in the gut. Evoker, which is what occulists seem to thrive on, has the option to boost the amount of non-ethereal spell gems equipped. There’s some missing synergy that would really help it shine. But there’s another big consideration, and I believe this to be far more of an issue regarding Raptor Occulist’s restricted design:

There is a trait in the game that just gives your dudes 35% more intelligence for free. They just HAVE 35% more intelligence. You would never pick Raptor Occulist as your stat scalar over this. There’s also a whole host of other stuff too like the Dryad Proliferator that give far more stats that same 7% buff at the same time with no such limitation. By the time you’ve considered these scalars, you’ve already got to move on and Raptor falls by the wayside every time.

Either a buff to the numerical value of the Raptor Occulist’s Intelligence buff or an increase to her cap would make her far more viable as a creature, and would raise her into potential consideration for teams. Even a 3% increase would make her valid over something like the aforementioned Proliferator for builds that want to pile into Intelligence, without potentially making things like the Zealot Occulist less viable for quick fights.

So it turns out I can’t read, and this creature actually gives a lot more than I thought it did. Sorry about that.