I'm curious, any teasers :)

I’m just curious if theres some teasers on what’s possibly to come for the future. not pics or anything just want to know :slight_smile:
each patch has been great. I am always looking forward to the next one haha.

The next patch is the Steam release patch. The bulk of the work I’ve been doing is just cleaning up bugs/crashes, adding Steam achievements (there are currently 250, and I’ll probably release more with each patch), ability tweaks, the rebalanced loot system, and several quality of life adjustments. Also, four new creature races will have new graphics, so that’s nice.

Overall though, there isn’t much to talk about that would merit a large announcement post, so that’s why I’ve been quiet on that end. After the Steam launch I will put full focus on cleaning up any bugs/crashes that happened to slip through, and then begin working on adding new content once again. The Steam release will almost definitely be happening this month - I’m just waiting to hear back from Valve since they have to review Siralim’s store page that I set up.

oh very nice. I really like the redesign on the wyverns looking like dragons! my fav so far. I am working on creature tiers to see what the other ones look like. I will be buying steam version for sure. looking forward to that.