I'm new!Finshed my 1st 100hrs of gameplay.

Hello, Folks!

I bought this about 10 days ago.I set my specs to hardcore,reincarnate and random enemies.
My big mistake was setting the random enemies option.I had over 30 wipes due to some realy bad
foes!I would always die in castle story before the enchanter was out.I managed to get to lvl 40 amd
realm 7 in 1 go only to return to castle start at realm 1 and die.It gave me a creature that had super dodge ability.I missed it well over 40 times in a row.
My current run is a Life mage lvl87(I was a deathmage until lvl 70ish) with 28hrs on the clock!
This game brings me a challenge!I find the learning curve very steep,demanding and good fun to
stew over in my mind.

 I enjoy alot of the factors in this game.

The huge arsenal of Royalty point options gives you alot of options and depth to gameplay.
The fact I’ve spent well over 200 points and haven’t capped out lets me feel like I have along ways to go!You have the endless game that rougelike games are know to bring the gamer.
I used to play Nethack.I like this much better.I realy can say alot of nice stuff about this game.
I can’t wait for siralim 2 to come out and would love to be on the beta!

Now here comes my feed back on what I dislike.
The graphics and music.

The graphic for a retro are boring tilesets for the realms(I do love the monsters!they are very well done!).If I had to pick a fave it would be the dungeon realm.I think you should’ve added more
object tilesets.The rack and iron maiden are nice but having other torture devices that have the same drops and or effect would’ve added some eye candy.I will say its common for rouge games to
be redundant with object and very few tilesets.

The sound track gets old fast!
Honestly I never listen to any rouge game sounds or sound effects after 20hrs.They always get old.
I don’t expect much of a change here for you at all!I’ve already spent more time on this then some high dollar console games.I finish those in 40-60hrs and they don’t have killer endless game play.

What I would like to see more of quests mission and the like.Megabosses and extreme tactical fighting.Food crafting system that you get monster drops and take them and turn them into food that last x ammount of fights and gives boosts to stats or xp.Most of the other stuff i want to see is in Siralim 2!I’ve been reading your posts!
I want to say hello fellow gamers!Zack thank you very much for this game and I realy want your next one!

Welcome! Glad to have you here. A lot of what you mentioned will be in Siralim 2, particularly more interesting objects in all realms. Even the old realm types will be receiving several new objects and events, so that should hopefully spice things up a bit.

I absolutely love the whole spellsphere concept!That will add a much neede bump to your spell system. :slight_smile: