Ime Rune

I recently added the Whispering Shade to my party and decided on equipping the Ime Rune to hopefully augment the ability.

Without the rune, my creatures lose Invis at the start of their turn. With the rune, they have a 30% chance to keep invis, but there doesn’t seem to be a point. It appears that no matter what action my creatures take they will lose invis. So why waste a rune spot to keep invis when it gains you nothing?

I then thought that maybe it is for in case you have a disable status like stun? I suppose the invis would stay then, but if the rune is only helpful for those rare situations, then it should proc 100% of the time.

Gateway Shades deal 200% more damage while invisible. That rune could keep an invis on long enough for it to use for its trait damage bonus. Still seems silly to have a rune benefit only one creature though.

I have to wonder if the 30% chance to keep invis was also supposed to affect invis breaking after taking actions. That would be pretty cool. An all shade team could be fun to play around with, especially with that all Shades share their traits with each other boss material.

Yeah considering how few runes there are, I can’t imagine that it was intended to synergize with a small number of creatures.

Definitely an oversight on my part. I’ll have a solution included in the expansion. If anyone has an idea about how to make this rune more fun, I’d like to hear about it!

To keep it an invisible type rune maybe, When your creatures cast a spell on a sleeping enemy they have a 30% chance to gain invisible.

Could do something along the lines of a 30% chance for a creature with invisible to attack a random enemy at the beginning of their turn, or the like…?