Imler/Imling Clarification

Okay, so Imlers and Imlings give bonuses to their “partner”. Can anyone clarify how that’s defined? Is it any creature of the “partner” type, so if I have two Imlers and an Imling, they both get bonuses?

Is it a specific type of Imler/Imling that gets that bonus? Is that type denoted by like colouring?

Is it a positional bonus, such as an Imler placed in front of an Imling activates its bonus?

I really have no clue here at all. I’d like to make an Erms (my shortword for the master race) party, but without knowing how their bonuses are applied, I have nothing to go off of.

Only one of each of you have more than one of them on your team nothing takes effect unless it has been changed in the last few updates

You can have a maximum of one Imler and one Imling on your team. Otherwise, none of their abilities will function anymore because they get jealous or something. If the creature in question is an Imler, its partner is an Imling. If the creature in question is an Imling, its partner is an Imler.

Let me know if you need any more clarification!

Will Imler artifacts works while worn by an Imler meaning you can have two symbiote abilities?
Will an Imler artifact work for a non Imler with an Imling in the party?


No, the ability is activated based on the creature’s race.

That’s everything I wanted to know, people. Thanks for the infodump!