Imlers, Imlings and "Copy Your Spell Gems"

So I’m in an itherian realm with the “[E] Copy your spell gems” property. I met a pack of imlers and imlings, including a diamond imling and a mithril imler.

It’s been more than 5 minutes now and my first turn still hasn’t ended. The battle has been incredible laggy throughout. I forget what spell I cast, but I killed every enemy. They’ve all been casting divine aegis since.

Over. And over. And over.

Oh, and so far there’s been a ‘Sacrifice to the Light’ as well. Which I expect will be repeated 5 more times. In fact, literally as I was writing this, the second one popped.

Thankfully - and oh, my god, I am so thankful - It looks I was wrong. There were 2 sacrifice to the lights on the enemy team. And the turn is finally done.

This is not great. Spending 10 minutes watching the same animations fire over and over to no effect is dull :frowning:

Its the same with Dryad Naturalist. When one of your creatures has Stun, they defend until they´re dead. This is odd when all of your creatures has Stun, but they are to strong to get beaten by the opponent.

At 510 Fatigue the Dryad (With Mend) died from the damaging Trait one of my creatures has.

That’s not the same issue. My battle only lasted 3 turns. It’s just that the first turn took so long ot resolve.