Imling and Imler enchants

If i gave another creature an imling enchant will an imler creature consider it as its partner?

Nope, they’re race-specific.

So the creature with the imling enchant will have its ability trigger but the imler wont?

Only if the creature with the Imling ability is an Imling creature. Otherwise, the ability is ignored.

Really fast replies ;D. So that means imling and imler enchants only work for their specific race.

I never really bothered to try, but when it says ‘partner’, can it mean more than one? If you have 3 Imlings and 3 Imlers, will all the Imling buffs trigger on all the Imlers, or is it just one a piece?

Imlers and Imlings are very jealous creatures, and only work if there’s one of each.

So then, do their respective legendary materials ever do anything? Maybe if you have a second Imling ability on an Imling… but from what it sounds like, they may not be useful at all.

I haven’t tested it, but I assume that if you put an Imling ability on an Imling and an Imler ability on an Imler, they’d work. Otherwise, why would they even exist? Might be worth testing if you like using them.

Yes, this has been confirmed to work, imler enchant on imler and imling enchant on imling.

You can indeed use a Legendary enchant to give an Imling a second Imling ability (or am Imlera second Imler ability).

If you get the right Legendary enchant early game, it might be worth playing around with. I am not convinced that these enchants are strong late game. (However, I would love to see someone come up with a party composition that proves me wrong!)

I think it would be more useful to let them form full groups. Even in the middle tiers, I hadn’t found any Imling/Imler combinations that I really considered trying in my team, but I knew there might be the possibility at some point. It would still be different than the other group monsters, since there would be a definite 50/50 split in their abilities.

Does anyone know how many Imler/Imlings there are in the game?

Six of each.