Immediately entering combat when earning a card means you do not get the card

Platform: Windows 10
Version: 0.7.1

I entered a fight with a group of what I think was gryphon divebombers.

I defeated said divebombers

Loot window comes up saying I got their card. Neat

Due to how I’d encountered them right next to another pack directly behind them, a battle immediately took place, overriding the loot window and putting me into battle

I defeated the next pack

I walked off and checked my cards like I always do. No card. 2/7 like before, when it should be 3/7

Saving and restarting does not grant me the card, like i figure it might have for some unknown reason.

Game correctly (or incorrectly depending on your perspective) displays that I do not have the card that I earned everywhere I can think to look.

I can’t believe it but it literally just happened again. Considering it’s hard to control AI movements and honestly I shouldn’t have to do it to avoid this problem, this is a very frustrating bug.