Immortal King

Immortal King - Creator (Life)
Singularity: After attacking target, swap health with it if its life is lower than yours.

Okay, can anyone find a use for this monster? Because I’ve tried and I can’t find anything that makes this worthwhile except maybe catapulting a Skeleton Gunslinger back up out of its superdamage zone. Does its ability have a typo?

Yes, the ability description does have a typo. It actually only swaps health if the target’s health is higher, not lower.

I was confused too, so I tested. This creature is great if you can keep him low and alive. Put wraith liberator is probably a good friend for him. I use him to snipe tanks and health pots.

Will he swap health when target has higher absolute health or only when target has higher percentage?

It’s based on percentage.

So an immortal king with Cradle to the Grave. Sounds like a mean synergy