Immune to x damage bugs

Issue #1
A sigil with “enemies are immune to death damage” prevents death creatures from interacting with the enemy in any way. Spells, attacks, mana reduction, everything.

Issue #2
A sigil with “enemies are immune to spell damage” prevents all spell effects, including debuffs, mind trickery etc.

Issue #3
Creature class is used to determine what is prevented rather than spell gem class.

Also, the prevention is abrupt and without a notice. It would be good to add a message such as “the sigil’s magic protects enemies from your spells”

Possibly semantics on the first two and the descriptions just need to be updated.

Looks like stuff along the lines of “infernal charge” circumvent the immune to class damage stuff when used on a creature of the class in question.

[quote=“Psylisa, post:3, topic:4076”]Not sure they are “semantics”.
The first two games behaved in the exact same fashion in regards to class immunity. The game cares about where the damage originated from, not the color of the spell gem/effect.

They could be changed, of course. But from the other two games, it’s functioning in the same manner.[/quote]

Indeed it is the same behavior as previous entries, but the behavior is inconsistent with the description. As far as the gem damage type, I may have assumed incorrectly here that spell gem type would dictate damage type following the spell gem blog post.

Class Swap – Changes the Spell Gem’s class. This means that any creature can potentially equip any spell in the game. In addition, bonus damage based on class strengths/weaknesses is now based on the spell itself rather than the caster, so this property allows you to strategize a lot more in that regard.

When you get temporary spell gems, they sometimes roll class change traits, so I’ve had the opportunity to test it without being a sorcery mage. It is an uncommon scenario outside of sorcery mages though for sure. hehe