Improve "inspect" in game (optionally?)

One other thing I find that would be real useful - particularly for new players, or for buff/debuffs you have not seen, would be that the inspect function in combat would either show the effects of the buffs/debuffs on the selected creature (perhaps toggled by an option in settings) or give a choice to see them (pressing E again after selecting the creature to view, if it has any…)

Otherwise the first time you see Pumpkin, it is rather uninformative… :slight_smile:

It may just be me getting into the role play of the game a bit much, however, it makes sense that you don’t know something you don’t know and haven’t seen. That’s why it makes a lot of sense that the librarian would have the information. I see what you mean in terms of ease of use, but I feel like it’d take away some of the excitement of the game’s adventurous spirit.

It’d be giving away something if the Librarian didn’t already list all of them…

Then its just a case of memorizing versus having an easy way to look them up.

I’m saying it from a role play perspective, the rp part of rpg, not a meta perspective. It makes sense that a librarian would have that information in a library. Just part of the immersion for me, I suppose.