Improve Save and Exit behavior

When the game saves and exits I expect it to either quit out of the game or return to the title screen.

Possibly have an option to toggle the save and exit behavior

  1. Return to title screen (continue, new game, etc)
  2. Actually close the game

I do not expect it to go all the way back to the intro screen displaying the studio name and afterward the default controls. Then finally get back to the title screen.
This would save two E presses and 4-5 seconds with option 1

I support this idea of having two options like that. When I press “save and exit”, I expect to fully exit out of the game. I understand that others use multiple save files and just want to exit to the main screen again so they can change to a different save file, so having those two options to either fully exit or return to the main screen would be really nice. And yes, having to go through the studios screen and the controls screen every single time after “save and exit” is a tad tedious