Improve the more barren realm types

I feel like the value of the different realms is a little out of whack. Some realms have a large variety of items or nodes to find, and some are lacking.
Aside from the chests, gem boxes, breakables, and chests that appear in every realm, each realm has:

Life: Essence nodes, Ritual energy portals, Weapon Fragments, Exalted Emblems, Star Pieces
Sorcery: Scroll nodes, Potions (buff or consumable), contraptions, Shield Fragments
Chaos: Pandemonium Tokens, Avatar Statues, Brimstone nodes, Creature Bones
Death: Gravestones, Granite nodes
Nature: Charm Fragments
Grassland: Gem piles, Hunter camps
Winter: Hunter camps, Crystal nodes, Gravestones
Dungeon: Skeleton tables, parchments, Iron Maidens
(I think that’s everything)

As you can see, some realms are lacking things to find, with the Nature Realm being the worst offender. Some things could be moved, like creature bones make sense in the nature realm or death realms.

New nodes could also be created to fill the emptier realms, such as nodes that:

Increase Power Balance
Give out the new “Handful” items
Give out Power as a resource
Give very small Shard items (a hundred or a few hundred energy)
Give experience to your stabled monsters
Transmute one non-power resource into another at some lossy ratio
Give kills towards leveling up your artifacts
Improve an artifact’s secondary stat by a few points (limited by the current cap)
Give experience to you AND your creatures (much less than contraptions/creature bones)

As it stands, any new games I start, I only unlock Life, Chaos, and Sorcery realms, because I feel like the others aren’t nearly as rewarding to explore.

I agree with the lacking of some realms. However, I only activate death (for granite), life (for energy), grasslands (for gems), and dungeon (for bulk resources and cores). The others don’t seem worth it to me. Chaos is one I avoid specifically because of the avatars; why would I want a chance to lose levels?