In need of advice :)

I’m new here but I thought this would be a good place to post a few questions I have. I have yet to purchase any of the Siralim titles but only because I’m waiting for Siralim 3’s release on ios, which is the only platform I can currently play on. I’m at the point where I can no longer wait to dip my toes into the series and am on the cusp of purchasing Siralim 2 instead. My question is, would it be worth it to buy Siralim 2 or should I just continue to wait for Siralim 3, which seems to be the richer, more streamlined version? I’ve scoured the forums and read up on the FAQ regarding the differences between 2 and 3, but I’m still unsure whether I’ll enjoy 3 over 2. One review of Siralim 3 mentioned the removal of gene strength, which allowed the ability to breed creatures with OP stats. I rather like the idea of being able to boost even the lowest creature stats through grinding/breeding. Content-wise, I know Siralim 3 will surpass the older titles, but part of me hopes the dev will continue to update S2 and bring some of the quality of life features over from S3. Any thoughts from a seasoned player? I know Siralim 3 is probably the higher quality title overall, but when it comes to specific gameplay elements, Siralim 2 seems like it might be more up my alley.
Thanks in advance!

Hello, there!

I think I’m far enough in S3 to be able to compare it to S2, so let’s start with what you’re looking for - but first, a Very Important Thought.
If you’re in a situation where the cost’d seriously affect your budgeting, don’t do it. Sorry if this is a bit of a nag, but games are not so important as your health and well-being.
You didn’t imply as such, but - always take your finances into consideration, even when it’s an awful hassle.

Now with that over with, on to your points!

S2’s flaws are that it’s slower - a lot slower. There’s a lot of byzantine, early-UI design decisions which, while being charming in a way entirely their own, can really make the game drag, especially later on. If you’re one of those players that needs everything to whiz by, your greatest enemy will eventually be loading time, optimisations and battle lag. But it’s not just game speed; the act of accruing heredity power - the so-called ‘Gene Strength’ - takes time, made worse by the fact that it’s ‘balanced’ by requiring time-consuming rituals unless you continuously dump points into a specific perk.

However, the concept of Gene Strength is a lot easier to understand when compared to Hereditary (the S3 equivalent), and might be an ideal starting point for those new to the series, or to this kind of game, in general. What’s more, though BOTH games will allow you to create crazy teams out of any combination of creatures, S2 has a lot more things that in it that can be ‘broken’ out of the gates, as it were. A few lucky spell-gem drops, and, well…

But that’s not all; S2 has a lot more incidental dialogue. The Gods and their interactions are a bit more detailed, too, though I believe that’s because S3 still has a good amount of placeholder dialogue. And this touches into what my strongest point is:

S2 will make you enjoy S3 even more.

Though both games make it clear the fun of critter-mastery is the focal point, these are surprisingly deep and effective little games. There are a lot of nods of the hat to S2 (and probably even S1!), and some that’ll even make you stop and catch your breath. Some of the ways creature skills have changed between the two games might catch you off guard, and while occasionally being something to get used to, make it fun to see just how they, and the games, have evolved.

I’m very glad I played S2, and it made me appreciate everything Siralim 3 does, even more.
And if these are the kinds of games that entertain you, I’d say - go for it! If nothing else, I’ll be glad to hear about your adventures through the Kingdom of Siralim!
Just, ah, make sure to be sweet to Regalis, would you? (And all the Gods, of course!)

Hope that helps!

Wow, thank you for the wonderfully detailed response! To address your first point, yes, I was planning on picking up one or the other as I’ve been trying to cut down on my spending #strugglingcollegestudent xD

After some consideration, I think I’ve decided to go with Siralim 2 since a slower pace generally isn’t game-breaking for me. A few years down the road I may pick up Siralim 3 as well. Thank you again for the response, I really can’t wait to sink a ton of hours into this!

Can we please get an award, and some fruit baskets over to Baudouin for just being the most wholesome person? Please? Writing fanfic and answering questions and just being amazing, keep it up Bau!

Haha, thanks Rumblefellow! I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I’m wholesome…
But I’m old enough to admit I like being nice, and I hope to keep it up for as long as there’s life in my bones.

Back to the thread at hand - Ciretose, the struggle is absolutely real. But being honest about it helps a little with everything in life, and the best part about adding Siralim 2 to your gaming arsenal is that it’s a long-lasting gem, with an incredible amount to unravel.

If you want to share some of your team ideas, ask questions, or anything else, feel free to mention how your adventures are going! All the best!