In which I appeal for the Vita port of Siralim 2 to still be a thing

Hi Zack, Siralim forumgoers. I’m BlueMaxima and I do stuff around the Vita; one of my videos is a look at the Vita version of Siralim, which I really liked! In fact, I was planning to keep it on my personal Vita to give it a good go sometime in the future when I have the time. But then I heard Siralim 2 was coming to the Vita as well and that made me quite happy to hear. Then I just saw on your New Year’s post that you are a lot less likely to port it to Vita now and I am quite sad.

One of the reasons you mention though is that the Vita is ‘dead’ and that kinda sucks to hear, because…well, yes, it’s true that the Vita has stopped being manufactured in the West (although it’s been hard to find new units in the West for something like a year anyway, aka. when you released Siralim 1 :P) there’s still the same fanbase there was before; people are still picking up the second hand Vitas to play games on them, and we still have multiple ‘big’ releases coming over the next few months from the publishing houses that have been there since the beginning. While it might wear down in interest over the next year; there’s still a lot of games on the way. I would link /r/Vita’s upcoming list of a few dozen games, but I can’t post external links (fair; this is a fresh account!)

The other reason you mentioned was optimization, and, well, you’ll know way more than me on this one. Many developers have cited the weakness of the Vita as a reason for some ports being impossible (we’ve all played Borderlands 2). If anything I’d like to talk to you about that, I would like to hear how you went about fitting something like Siralim 1 on the Vita. It interests me, and heck, I know enough about programming that I might actually be able to help (not likely). I just figure that if you’re good enough to fit Siralim 1 on the Vita, you could fit Siralim 2 with a bit of squeezing…but I’m not going to say that outright.

Just figured I’d drop my two cents in here. I really don’t want my only way to play Siralim 2 on the go to be my Android phone that’ll die after an hour of screen on time. There’s a reason I carry my Vita with me everywhere I go.

It’s coming to Vita.