Incorrect Card Count

[1.0.5] Windows 10

I have all of the card sets complete in the card album and am at 1052/1056 cards collected. I’m not sure if there are secret cards or cards not part of a set but the only ones I can find are Pandemonium King and Queen, and treasure golem without the no card symbol. That’s only 3 though.

You can compare

I’m not interested in downloading someone else’s save. I simply found I had all the cards in the album and was still missing 4 according to the total at the top. Since there is nothing anyone on the discord knew of it, or that I could find I figured it was best to make a bug report. At worse I’m not understanding something and it’s not a bug, at best it is and then it can be fixed. I don’t see that as a reason to basically cheat.

I think you don’t get it lol. This is for reference, not for you to play with.

You open the game twice, load your save on one side, then the full card list on the other side. Scroll one page at a time till you find the missing ones, then you delete the full card save.

The reason you didn’t get a reply from Zack is because you’re clearly missing stuff, and now you can see what you’re missing.

Don’t claim there’s a bug when you can’t prove it, and this will allow you to. You don’t need to accept my help. Good luck buddy :slight_smile:

I understand the concept just fine.

It feels scummy to me and if I have to do something that I feel is wrong such as downloading someone else’s save that isn’t right to me. I simply reported a potential bug that I can’t disprove with my own save or when I asked the community. I have no idea how that could be an incorrect thing to do. If you have a reason to report a bug then you should, there are plenty of bugs that can’t be proven by a player without cheating.

I have all the stars and all the entries filled out. I could be wrong, and something could be hidden which I stated, and if I am that’s fine.

Upload your cloud save to 311111111111 and I’ll tell you what you’re missing :slight_smile:

I appreciate the offer, if the developer or someone similar wanted my save that would be one thing. I have no intentions sharing my save to other people for the same reason I have no intention of downloading someone else’s save.

Good luck dude :slight_smile: keep playing and you’ll eventually find the cards you’re missing

It takes a while but it looks like you’re on the right path

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