Increase Arena point rewards

Arena takes so long now, I feel 1250 points for 5 battles is too low a reward, especially considering there are exclusive cores for 10000 a piece and runes for 2500.

It’s definitely not a big problem and it doesn’t really affect me, but others may agree with my suggestion.

I agree. I avoid Arena now simply because it’s a lengthy endeavor.

I like the draft mode idea for it, but some creatures really don’t fit or scale well. Random spell gems / random artifacts really make it a crap-shoot, too. The Arena isn’t difficult, it’s just a bit frustrating when you pick what would typically be a good attacker and it does little damage and doesn’t have any usable spells.

I also lament the fact that we can no longer “build” an arena team using our creatures. Part of the reason I use the Stable System was to have an Arena Team there that I can pull out.

Maybe have two (or more) Arena modes. One draft, one bring your own team. I’d even like to see single creature (non-nether) or other modes as well. Vary the reward by mode.

Arena is nice and really fun, dont change it back!

And reward is OK, but any mode in the game must have a unique reward, which hard to get. Arena doesnt have it after u buy all cores, so long or short, in a time it doesnt give any fun, coz u doesnt advance anywhere like levels in realm portal.

Personally, I like the new Arena system and am fine with the rewards.

I agree the random artifacts thing can be a bit annoying at times when a key creature on the team gets an"unlucky" artifact.

However, overall, I really like the new system.

Have to agree with the OP regarding point rewards, but also with psylisa. More modes would be awesome. the current mode, a bring your own team mode and that suggested single creature mode.

All rewards obviously scaled to some percieved time/difficulty (with the current mode paying more than bring your own team due to effectiveness)

I can’t play right now but last I remember all exclusive items cost 50% less so it effectively doubles the value of the points.

Personally I think it’s better to let the arena match continue beyond 5 matches and player earns 1000 points every match after 5th. Also boost the enemy stat 20% stats every match after 5th.

I would enjoy the Arena a lot more if I could know my drafted creatures’ stats, artifacts, and spell gems before their turn.