Increased Character Limit for Names

Recently summoned an Amphisbaena Arbitrator and thought to rename it but decided against the name change afterwards and wanted to change it back but apparently the character limit for renaming creatures is too small to accomodate this. Ended up having to settle for an Amphisbaena Arbitrat.

I find it frankly ridiculous that the character limit for renaming creatures is not at least as long as the longest named creatures already in the game. I can’t think of any reason why this should be. While I’m at it, I like to rename lots of things like artifacts and nether stones and I often find that my desired names for things are just a few letters shy of fitting within the current constraints.

Any way we can get a character limit increase for those of us that like longer names? At least for creatures so I don’t have to summon another Amphisbaena Arbitrator just to have a creature with a normal name.

Edit: forgot to mention; is there any way we can get an apostrophe added to the character list? Seems like something that should have already been there.