Infernal Charge -- Percent Damage bonus issue??

I had a fight last night with the following behavior:
– Realm 39 … New game, grinding up levels to kill Misery
– Killed all but one enemy
– Final Enemy had high Defense
– My highest attack creature – Phase Executioner-- could inflict modest damage (roughly 200)
– When I cast Infernal Charge (attack with 150% damage) on my Phase Executioner he attacked for 0-4 damage

This was strange so I repeated multiple times. Result was consistent. Manual attack did modest (200-ish) damage, and Infernal Charge did essentially no damage.

It seems possible that this is related to a problem someone was having with Berserker Fiend. (I haven’t used Berserker Fiend much, but the problem sounded similar to what I saw with Infernal Charge, so there could be a more general issue with percentage based damage buffs)

Extremely good catch here - this is indeed bugged!