Infinit Loop with Cerberus Gatewatcher and Gem of Guardian Force

Hi, first time posting

So I was running a sorcerer mage and got the perk spell mastery. I equpied my Cerberus Gatewatcher with the life gem of Guardian Force.

As you can probably tell, Cerberus casts a spell that can target all my creatures when it defends. Guardian Force basically cause all your creature to defend. When I commanded my Cerberus to defend the game instantly forzen, and task manager informed me “out of memory”. I presume it is due to the infinit loop of this combiniation.

I recall that a cap was set so the maximum number of attack per turn or something was capped at 100 due to another infinite loop. I was kinda hopping that you would do the same for this combiniation or something. However, it might also need a nerf because with two Cerberus Gatewatcher I can pretty much instantly buff my entire team to incredible stats (with other team-based buffs on my other Gatewatcher).

Maybe make it so Gatewatcher can’t use Guardian Force? I really like this combo I discovered as a sorcerer mage.

I’ll take a look at this, thanks for the info!