Infinite start of battle damage potential

If all my creatures have the chaos gem that lets each of them attack for a lower % dmg and each has a X% chance to cast it at the start of battle and an Y% chance to activate on attack, is it possible to achieve a possibly unending spell cycle? I’m kind of new to the game so please explain why not if it isn’t. Cheers!

I see, thank you for the timely reply! I have a couple of questions, sorry if the formating is bad, I’m on mobile:

  1. I’ve red up on some of the patch changes regarding game balance and I take that the motive for such changes is either them making stats obsolete or being simply worse or better than simular traits/abilities. If that’s so, should I abstain from making such a team due to a possible nerf.

  2. How does the 15 casts per turn work with the start of battle? Is there a limit of a total of 15 spell casts before creature #1 takes his turn or is it 15 per creature, for a possible 90 spell casts

  3. I looked up the Nax rune and it is very interesting, however it’s countered by immune to vulnueable. Does this mean that attack empowered attack teams slightly less good from speed based ones due to dodge being a thing?

  4. From my limited experience I think that a min-maxed team should be able to win a fight as soon as possible, while being the least likely to die/be countered as possible all while doing the largest amount of damage possible. Is there something I’m missing in this formula?

Going off topic here, what is the interaction between the terror hound trait transformation and it being a nether creature/avatar?

Also how does start of battle effects que up? From what I’ve red here I tought that you always start first in the start of battle que, however I’ve experienced enemies always casting their start of battle gems/charge trait before my start of battle procced spell and charge. How does my own group start of battle que work? Also I recently faced against a hound team with a terror hound, but they didn’t merge. Is that due to me killing them before turn 1 or is it due to action que order? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I appreciate it!

[quote=“Psylisa, post:6, topic:3485”]The queue at the start of battle seems randomized a bit. I don’t know what influences it, as it’s certainly not turn order or speed. I think traits happen prior to cast at start spells. So yes, Charge trait would occur first.

Terror hound works with Nether, but not Avatar. I don’t recommend it with Nether because you lose your traits. I haven’t tried it since before the expansion, so I don’t know if that changed or not.

As for enemy hounds, I don’t think I’ve seen them merge ever. Always seen them as 6 hounds. I never really gave it any thought before.[/quote]

I can confirm Charge Trait works before nearly everything. It was the basis of my first build, so I have used it for a long time. It is not a good trait, though, as it can target dead enemies (all targets are determined before the damage rolls), so it is unreliable.

I have been using Thylacines and Nature Mages for a long time, so I may be in a better position to answer those questions.

Eye of Thylacine does not work with Avatar because only Hounds merge and Avatar is a race unto itself. A Terror Hound made into an Avatar is no longer a Hound, but an Avatar. Therefore, it won’t merge.

A Nether Terror Hound merged into a Thylacine will not lose its traits. It will not lose the extra Nether traits, or its own artifact traits, and it will still earn the other Hounds’ traits, for a grand total of 9 traits if you have all Hounds in your team.

More so, some party wide, or battle wide traits that are enchanted into the other Hounds’ artifacts will remain active normally, even after transformed. So far, I have confirmed that Supersonic, Like Sand, and Voodoo remain active. Pariah and Diamond Attunement do not. Emerald Attunement and Wail of Torment seems to remain active but I need further testing to know for sure. I am also going to test Ascendancy but I need to drop the legendary material first.