Infinitely scaling endgame party?

Hey guys,

What sort of combos should I be looking into creating if my goal is to make it to realm 1000+ and scale infinitely? In Siralim 1, I used Doom Devils to accomplish this, but they aren’t the same in this one. I’d really love to start breeding up a good party I can trust to make it all the way to the end!

Any suggestions appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

What you’re asking for… Probably isn’t something you actually want. In practice, in endless setup will be:

A: Boring
B: Probably slow to end fights
C: Capable of totally removing all challenge from the game.

I have an endless setup, and it pretty much ruined the game for me. I ended up starting a new game. The only fun part if “endless”, is figuring out how to do it. Otherwise, the best endless team is just leveling up 6 critters.