information display

I have several little suggestions that would make our lives a lot easier:

-icons that show non-innate traits similar to buffs and debuffs. i am envisioning maybe the overworld sprite of the respective trait’s monster, on a background the color of the legendary material icon. i’ve had it happen that i had to inspect my own monsters because they all gained a random trait at the same time and i couldn’t read all the floating text. an icon would have really helped a lot here.

-if that is too much work, maybe just one symbol that lets you know that the monster has additional traits. i have inspected many monsters to find out whether they even have additional traits only find none, basically wasting time on confirming that it is precisely what i thought it is.

-i actually don’t know if enemy spell gems even have random properties, but if they do, it seems like you can’t find out about them during the battle. maybe Inspect could show the spell gems in a paginated fashion, akin to the traits. or maybe you could abbreviate each property with 1-2 letters and list them after the name of the gem.

-zack said he wouldn’t put a Library option in the battle menu, but particularly for beginners, it might be nice to have access to at least the list of buffs and debuffs. even now i sometimes find myself wishing i could look up the specifics of a certain buff/debuff during a battle.

-speaking of spell gems and library: i understand the design choice to hide spell info until you find the gem, but it is at least a little weird how sometimes a spell could be cast against you (or even come out of your Chaos Magic) and you have no idea what it does exactly. all you can see is kind of the end result in the History. but that’s not too bad. however, the first time i got an imp hexer, i had no idea what Shellbust is and had to put him in my team to read the actual gem once i got into battle. maybe once you get a trait that grants access to a specific gem, that gem could be added to the list of spells in the Library as well.

-and one last little thing: maybe put the exact numbers in the bar that displays the favor while you walk around the realm. the information is accessible in the character menu anyway, but why not ^^

edit: i just remembered one more thing:
-debuff durations. just a number somewhere on the debuff icon. this would be particularly helpful to see that the Stun debuff has 0 turns remaining, because the way it is, a monster will seem stunned right up to the start of its turn, where it will lose stun and spring into action. but also just generally, this would be good to see during the battle.