Input lag/slowdown in loading savefile and battles (Steam)

Sometimes, but not always, I get a tiny bit of input lag upon pressing E at the title screen. When it does this, it takes at least twice as long to load the save and plop me in the castle. It does not end there though; battles are a slog to get through, especially with my Mana Bomb strategy. Normally I can use Turbo Mode to hold down E and it runs like double-greased 75 FPS lightning (that is to say, very well). With the lag, it does not even get close to that kind of FPS, going at less than half of the usual FPS for creature sprites to disappear when they die. Menu speeds and walking in realms seems to be fine though…

Like I said, it’s on Steam that this happens; my mobile savefile does not do this whatsoever, and it does not always do so on Steam even then. My guess is that something on Steam is bogging it down, but I could not begin to tell you what I think is doing it.

EDIT: Should probably mention, I recently cleared out my spell gems and artifacts at last, so I know it’s not those. In fact, even with a metric crapton of spell gems (600k essence worth, I had to save up to grind them to gem dust), I still never had this problem until recently, when I got back to S3 to celebrate the KS of Ultimate.

EDIT2: According to the forum list, I posted this in the Siralim Ultimate subforum? Oops…I could have sworn I picked the right one.

Looks like you chose the right forum, no worries!

It sounds to me like some software might be interacting with the game in some way. Maybe antivirus software or some kind of game overlay (there a million out there now - Discord, Steam, that Xbox overlay that comes with Windows, etc). Do you have anything like that running?

Hmm, well, I normally only have Steam and Discord up when I play it, and since some of my friends don’t use Discord, I use Skype (though that’s not normally up when I play). I can check. I also don’t have much dedicated antivirus software (I used Malwarebytes but it’s not on this laptop anymore, and what I do use isn’t very intrusive). I also use Streamlabs OBS when streaming it, but it’s not up when I play anymore since it lead to a failed stream recently.

I’ll close Discord and then Skype and see if those change the performance.

Update: Haven’t had a lot of problems lately. I can attribute it to Overwolf/Porofessor (an overlay to help with my re-learning of League of Legends, so I’ve had it closed and nothing has lagged since!

Sorry for the double post, but Overwolf was in fact not the cause of it. I know this because I uninstalled it and it still does lag from time to time. =\