Insant-lose battles

I’m not sure if I’m just running into a horrible string of bad luck here, but at least three times now I’ve gotten into battles that I lose before I can even command my creatures.

I’ve been losing a lot lately (made the mistake of finishing all the breeding quests at once, so now the entire world is filled with mega-strong monsters), but I can remember at least three times I’ve lost before even being able to attack:

  • A battle against a bunch of different Imlings. One of them got the first move, and they endlessly attacked until I died. One of them kept using a move that put the entire enemy team’s turns in first place, so my creatures’ turns were constantly skipped. Never got to attack.
  • Another battle with Imlings. Same deal, except there was no spell that changed the turns around–one of them (a diamond imling, I think) just kept using spells repeatedly until it killed my entire team.
  • A battle with a Vicious Worpeltinger in the enemy team. It attacked first, and its attack never ended–it just kept performing multiple spells until it killed my entire team.

I can understand a bit when I run into a pack of diabolic hordes or a pack of hunters, whose abilities build off each other, making them obscenely strong. I at least get the CHANCE to attack before they murder me. But with these things, I never even get a turn–I instantly lose the battle.

Am I just getting really rotten luck, or is something weird going on here? And if it IS rotten luck and the game’s running as it should, is there any way I can counter this?

I am guessing the enemies got very lucky rolling some spell gems with cast on hit. There are a few things you can do to limit the enemy team right off the bat.

A Nightmare Golem, which is available quite early, gives each enemy a 75% chance to start the battle with sleep. If you find a Dark Cog you can also put this ability on an artifact.

Pariah, from a Whispering Shade or a Gray Bottled Smoke on an artifact makes all your creatures start with invis. They can’t attack you or cast single target spells on you. They can cast aoes on you but in most cases this keeps you safe until your turn. This, plus the Dark Cog was a favorite combo of mine for a long time. Even if they HAVE a creature with an aoe, there’s a pretty good chance he is sleeping :smiley:

There are other combos of course. You get the most fun just trying to mix and match abilities yourself though. This combo also assumes you can kill the enemy team, or pretty much have the battle under control by the end of the first round. The invis wears off by then, and the enemies have a 50% chance to wake up at the start of their turns.

Ooh, thank you! I try to avoid changing up my team too much because I’ve grown attached to my creatures, but I’ll try modifying my artifacts with the stuff you mentioned. I can’t remember what-all stuff I have to modify my artifacts with (I don’t pay much attention to it–I only recently went through some of it and was shocked at some of the rare stuff I had), so I’ll go through it again. Thank you again!