Inscription materials.

A great number of legendary materials are, for a lack of a better word; useless. Utterly useless. Which ones, you might ask? The Greater Inscriptions that grant your creature a permanent buff. Why are they bad? Because they’re outshined, royally, by the creature ability materials.

For instance:

Greater Inscription of Bezerking: Your creature has berzerk.


Berzerker Infusion: Your creature has berzerk and recovers 10% health after attacking.

I suggest plainly removing these materials from the game, as currently they’re insta-rerolls at the enchanter’s, and nothing more. Likewise, I couldn’t help but notice that there’s no (rare) inscription for the Arcane buff, despite there being one for both Magic and Proffeciency, both of which are quite similar to Arcane in that one adds a lot of oomph while the other is caster specific.

You can only have one Legendary enchantment per artifact. Therefore, Rare enchantments with similar effects aren’t useless.

The Greater Inscription… materials count as legendary enchants though, but I can see that having them as rare would be op, but how about an idea.

Let Greater Inscription of … materials count as half a legendary enchant (call them epic or something), so you cannot combine it with a legendary enchant, but you can combine it with one other Greater Inscription… enchant, this way they contribute something else than the legendary enchants by granting 2 buffs, but still none of the unique legendary effects and retain the weakness of only granting the buff at the start of the fight.

I think this could make these enchants more interesting and useful. I have not looked at possible combinations yet though, so I dont know if certain buff combinations might end up overpowered.

Ohh, no! Not the dreaded Berzerking + Mend combo! Anything but that!

I do like the idea. Although I honestly think it’d be better just to remove the Greater Inscriptions, as it would mean quite a bit of work for Zack (all hail!), for potentially little to no gain, to create an “epic” class of materials.

Which other effects fall under this? I’ve thought about how useless the greater inscription of Taunt is before, after Taunt was reworked.

Most of them are affected by this in one way or another. Off the top of my head, the leech inscription is flat worse than the Mutated Vampire Bat ability (much higher leech percentage), and the molten armor one is worse than the Flaring Efreet (why have it on just one person when you can have it on everyone?) Dodge is also flat out worse than any Aspect ability.

All of the greater inscriptions gives you a buff at the start of the battle (removed on death + ress or from any “dispel” skills/spells). These buffs are (afaik) all available as permanent buffs and/or with additional benefits through another ability. That is why they feel useless in their current implementation. These are just examples, but they include: Taunt (stronghold), DireWolves (blood hound), Splash (cinder devil), the ones Grakor mentioned and so on.