(Insert Britney Spears song title here.)(bug)

I broke your game again, Zack. Sorry about that. :-[

Got a crash here, attaching a screen shot. I put my system info in my sig, since I seem to be a crash/bug magnet.

This was done by using a team of six shades with a nether shade equipped with the Shackler’s trait for sharing traits. Entered a fight, hit Inspect on first(with my creatures going first), and immediately hit down to select a member of my team. Moving the indicator in any other direction first prevents this from happening.

P.S. - Two for one deal on bugs tonight! Equipping a gem of Guardian Force on a creature with Abaddon’s Boon creates a game locking loop. And my dreams of conquering the world with a team of pacifists Griffons have been crushed.

does the shackler trait work on the nether creature to share 3 traits?

It doesn’t.