Inspect enemy creatures.

It would be nice if we could inspect enemy creatures. I find it hard memorizing every creature’s ability. Also so it won’t be so simple we could have it only display the abilities of creatures whose cores are in our possesion.

Theres a spell that does this, Identify Creature.
It gives you the level, health, and special abillity of target creature.

It shouldn’t be a spell. There is an inspect command to inspect your own creatures. This command is pretty much completely useless. Of course, I’m going to know what my creatures special abilities are.

You can know what enemy special abilities are by looking at their core items after the fight, but the first time you encounter a monster, you can get killed just because you did not memorize the abilities of every single enemy in the game. =/

The inspect function should simply allow you to see the special ability of enemy monsters. I’ve never found the identify creature spell and I don’t think I’d use it before I learn what the enemy creature special ability is the harsh way.

Please, consider changing this. I can’t imagine why it isn’t already in the game. q.q

Having the Inspect command inspect enemy creatures would allow me to choose whether I want to capture a creature or not and plan how I’m going to play against it. It allows player to use strategy rather than just die randomly.