Inspect shows creature sheet

As the title suggests, it’d be nice to have inspect show the creature sheet, like in the creature menu. As for enemy stats and etc., besides traits, they could be listeed simply as “???”. And revealed by using Identify Creatures(Which would make this spell of actual use, since I cannot think of a single case where higher precision knowledge of hp % is helpful. The estimation you get (wounded, dying, etc.) Is sufficient).

An added bonus to this, is that it would not only add a bit of interesting mechanic and flavor to the game… It would also allow players to better assist in identifying bugs.

This type of in-battle information is at the top of my list for post-release features. More information means more opportunity to adjust strategy and tactics. Also has the huge benefit of aiding in finding bugs, math errors etc.

The one key place that % health known is useful is with reaper class monsters, though I can’t think of any others where it really matters, as Chastity and the Storms all trigger from having 90%, which is much easier to gauge than 25% or less.