Instabilit transformed a monster in a permanent golem...

I started farming GoD rep into low level realms, so i activated as more punishment as possible…
The problem is that, i suppose, instability, made parmanently change my Asura bonebraker into golem…
As you can see the name, in () there is golem/trasformation name, but the Asura is kept as principal name. Moreover, the creature got both traith and class of golem.

Any thought about this?

Thanks for your help!

You must have extracted from an enemy while the Asura was an Iron Golem. Unfortunately there’s no way of turning it back, unless your haven’t saved the game more than once after it happened. If the previous save file has the normal Asura, delete the .sav file for the slot you’re playing in and the .bak will replace it automatically.

Going to prevent instability from turning your creatures into Iron Golems in the next patch.

I think the only way to turn it back into an Asura would be the Starvation punishment right? Get the meat of an Asura Bonebreaker and feed it to him.

No, Starvation uses breeding recipes and Asuras don’t have any.

Thanks for support guys!
Zack, do you think i will have my Asura back when the patch goes live or it will be permanently a golem? Thanks in advance!
Maybe i cousl try breeding it without a productive combination…

Yeah, just do Asura Bonebreaker + that Golem and you’ll have a new one.

This is also a problem for the “Soul to Keep” trait.

I have it on an artifact, and I avoid hitting Iron golems just so that I wont get screwed over by the transformation… (I really don’t want my hammer Lord changed into something else…)

You must have extracted from an enemy while the Asura was an Iron Golem.

Quick aside, I’ve been trying to figure out how to unlock Starvation after maxing out Tartarith and most of the otehr dieties. Is it one of the side quests? If someone could tell me in spoilers or in a pm, I’d greatly appreciate it ;D