Instant death


I have recently bought this game and have had quite a bit of fun so far. But there is one thing that leads me to believe I’m not smart enough for it;

I use a level 59 Apis Defender +6 as a dedicated tank atm. But no matter how much health and defense I stack on it, in most encounters past realm 25-ish there’s at least one opponent capable of one-shotting it. Some enemies are fine, only doing damage in the low triple digits at the very best. But then there’s opponents who use thousand-point+ attacks and just squash the Defender like a bug.

Damage is no problem, if my creatures get to act, they can dish out damage just fine. But nothing I have tried so far is able to survive pretty much anything.

So if someone smarter than me could help me by explaining how to build a proper tank that can do it’s job, I’d be grateful.

I’m roughly at the same level (realm level 28, creature levels 62-63).

However I don’t use a tank, my party is outfitted for farming cores and resources. HPs are in the 500s, defense in the 400s. Gene strength averages around 15 or so.

What I think you could try:

  • Have 1-2 fast supports to either buff your defender or de-buff the ennemies.
  • Breed for gene strength and grind back up.
  • Start using your materials that grant traits, surely you can find one that would improve your defender.