Instant Kill Team - No Stats Required

I have a practically unkillable team that can instantly kill multiple enemies regardless their HP or defense, and regardless of my speed, attack, or intelligence. For brevity, I will only include the heart of the problem. I tried to post this earlier and it didn’t let me. I apologize if 2 threads come up. I’ll try to delete one if need be.

-Charity - Share 100% healing received with the team.
-Everglow - 2x Healing.
-Abnegation - After a heal, a random enemy takes 50% of the heal’s effect in damage.
-Bleed Out - Your monsters recover health equal to 50% of any damage dealt via bleed.

-Rain of Blood - Afflict all enemy monsters with bleed.

-Amnesia - Both teams randomly alternate in the Action Queue (meaning speed does nothing for the initial Action Queue)

====How it works====
I use a monster with Braze to spread Everglow to multiple monsters. Since Everglow applies multiplicatively, 2x healing becomes 8x healing (2x2x2). When it comes to my turn, I cast Rain of Blood. Now it’s one of their monster’s turns. It takes bleed damage for 30% of its current health (which is essentially full - we will call it max health for this purpose). Now, your team is healed for 120% of the enemy’s maximum health via Bleed Out and Everglow (30% x .5 x 8). Now 6 random enemies take 60% of that monster’s maximum health in damage via Abnegation. And here comes my favorite part… because one of your monsters has Charity, it shares 100% of the heal he received with the team. But, it doesn’t just share the heal with the team. This heal is considered a whole new heal entirely and is also multiplied by 8 due to Everglow. Now the heal becomes 960% of their maximum health, and Abnegation hits 5 random enemies for 480% of the initial enemy’s maximum health.

That’s really a smart combo.

Thanks :smiley:

ya i was gonna try to set up some bleed/reaper/timewalk later today but your way totally top reaper traits.

So how much dmg if everglow doesn’t stack? I don’t math. *as in, just have 1 everglow in this set up.

If I could only get 2x healing, there is still the option of dumping deity points into healing (which goes up by 2% per rank as opposed to usual 1%). But without that, it would only be a 30% heal to your team (so 15% damage to the enemies on the first hit), then charity would hit 5 times for 30%.

So its still 1 hit kill then?

It’s enough to kill something, but it does hit randomly. So 6 hits of 15% damage, and 5 hits of 30% damage. It’s still an insane amount of scalable damage that happens in only 1 turn.

I think next turn you can just use Reaper traits or Judgement and it’s still a guaranteed win.

Yeah, something’s definitely dying.

Use anomaly

I honestly haven’t experimented with that trait yet. Makes sense though.

It basically makes all the enemy has the same max HP. so yeah with Anomaly this will probably 1 hit them.

I have a similar Abnegation team setup. There’s a few things that will kill you.

Not getting a turn will kill you. This can happen against multistrike/multicast teams, and there’s not much you can do about it.
You can invis and shell your team, which usually works the first round, but not always when dealing with multihitting abilities.

Panic Attack goes through Invis and will wreck you
Aftermath goes through Invis and will only stop one attack

Blight kills you very fast. You can artifact for Blight Immunity, however.

Poison/Burn will also kill you unless you trait those, but you don’t have the room.

Oh, and if you fight against Vortexes or the Urhol Tremors, good luck getting your Rain of Blood to cast.

Lastly, Phase Knights will put a quick halt to your damage.

My current setup hits for about 25million (essentially one-hit KO), but against the right combination, it’s useless. It’s nowhere near an infinite team. The higher you get, the more you’ll be stopped.

I do keep poison, burn, silence, and blight immunity (artifact) and still have a few empty spots for experimentation.

Of course there is still possibility of dying or being interrupted by a tremor. This was still a possibility when Snowstorm was a thing. This was more to bring to light a build that could potentially defeat any depth.

Phase knights can stop the damage, but they can’t stop trait Carnal Genesis from happening. With only a few turns, an HP cost Soul Harvest can make even the weakest caster into a god. And yes, even that can potentially be countered. A counter is insanely unlikely, however, and when it does happen, I can usually take solace from the fact that I just cleared 10 realms far beyond my level before dying.

This build and theory is kinda moot until Overheal is fixed. I currently do not see that healing a full health teammate functions with this perk.

How u survive vs. AOE spells on firtst enemy turn or any pure damage traits like mana bomb?

Your initial description includes braze to spread everglow. This is no longer possible, is the build still as op?

Alaska - Celestial Fortitude is probably the most powerful defensive trait in the game. That will keep your members alive for up to 3 hits. If say they have a Pit Worm Tunneler to follow up, Poison Inoculation will proc to heal you before that tunneler’s perk hits. It’s not flawless, but it will get you through most team comps.

random_rolle - You are correct. Everglow can still just be thrown on additional artifacts, or you can easily compensate through deity perk’s “healing done” (it scales 2% per level). The one thing preventing this from working these days is the fact that monsters cannot be healed while at full health. There is a new Life Mage perk that allows healing at full health, but I am assuming it isn’t functioning as intended. If it gets fixed, this will be fully functional again with 2 additional Everglows (ditch braze) or 1 additional Everglow and 50 levels in the healing done perk. Edit: And with the Life Mage “Overheal” perk - this will be necessary for this to function now.

My only issue with this team is the punishment, since you’re circumventing a core mechanic to make it work. Do it with normal speed mechanics and I will be more impressed!