Integer limits?

I’m doing a bit of testing on this myself out of curiosity (but it’s going to take a while, using a ruby paragon to get ridiculous HP takes a while ), but what is the current limit on numbers in this game? It’s more than 4.2 billion, at least, one of my creatures has 11 billion HP and there’s no errors so far.

It is stable into the trillions.

I’m going to guess at this point it’s a 64-bit integer (which would mean 9/18 quintillion). Though by the time I reached 100 billion, the numbers are spilling so far out of the status bars it’s going to become unreadable soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have received experience point awards in the quadrillions, so that is plausible.

How deep have you gotten? o_O If I used an occultist leaf on the depeest level I can do with a level 1 creature and diamond attunement, I would guess they’d get a couple million EXP at best.

Let’s just say nerfing infinite-depth builds was probably a good move. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game uses doubles, not ints. They act differently in the sense that instead of having a limit, they will start to lose accuracy the higher, or lower it goes. A double specificaly can acts like an int up to 9 quadrillion. Then it starts to lose accuracy, however, for a game your honestly not going to care about either losing or gaining 1 when you have 16 digits of it. For 18 quadrillion you will start to require gain or lose 2 of it to actually move the number at all.