Intended? Rapid regeneration combo

Rapid Regeneration heals 100% of your damage if paired with Everglow, is this intended?

Intended, but not necessarily balanced. Is there some way that this allows you to have an “infinite team”?

I’m using a lone wolf nether with Secret Ingredient and Unknown Entity, so he has infinite mana and can’t be killed by 3 creatures with the Nostalgia punishment.

Secret Ingredient is the main issue I think. That will be adjusted when I do a balance pass on the traits. The game won’t be balanced around Nostalgia though, as that’s just for fun.

Secret Ingredient is fine in a 6 creature setup, as your opponents have ample opportunity to kill a 5 HP creature.
Unless you deck your team in all Secret Ingredient traits, but then you’re giving up 6 traits to accomplish that…

I think it’s just an issue with the 3 creature limit.
Also, you CAN still be killed against 3 enemies if an enemy has double-cast/multicast and Aftermath, or Pummel/Quadhits, or even Panic Attack. It’s just rare that it happens.

Prior to the 3 creature perk, I had a similar set up using
Regal Golem

Cast on hit gems, haste when struck gems.

It worked alright, and in most match-ups, it was a win against 6 creatures. Dog slow to kill vs 6, and when I ran into Aftermath, it was game over. The Chaos Wolpertinger would often cast Aftermath or Panic attack. Teams of 3 Valkyries were also problematic. Some of the Cerberus were problematic as well. Ashmouth (if it had Panic Attack or Aftermath) was an issue as it shares it with the team, and Lightning Cerberus just always cast his stuff after attacking. Bats, Troll Knife Juggler, and Brim Smith added an additional hit after each attack - thus increasing death likelihood.

The only thing that saved me (often) were the cast-when-hit Haste gems that allowed me to take another turn between enemy turns and regen.

But against teams of 3, that’s going to be greatly reduced. Very unlikely to run into 3x Valkyries, and the added attack creatures don’t get in so many without allies there to actually attack.

Oh - and you aren’t killing high level enemies without a ton of Gene Strength or being high level yourself.
So I wouldn’t classify it as “infinite”.

When a lv 1 can take out lv 1000 enemies in a round or two with no risk of dying, I’d say that’s more infinite.

Being unkillable and having infinite mana means having infinite time for buffing, so it is infinite.

But as I pointed out… you aren’t unkillable. There are matchups that will kill you (in fact, several different monsters can). Facing vs 3 monsters does decrease the likelihood of that occurrence, but doesn’t eliminate it. And as Zack pointed out, the game isn’t going to be balanced around that punishment.

Either way, traits are going to be rebalanced.