Intimidation doesn't gain from Sigil battles

Intimidation doesn’t seem to count sigil battles you’ve had in the current realm. (Which was the entire reason I’d enchanted that artifact :stuck_out_tongue: I figured I’d go to a realm higher than I could normally manage, use up spells and consumables to get through the first 5-10 battles, then collect better treasure than I usually can.)

Just to make sure I’m clear: after beating 7 normal fights in this Realm, I had a 70% Intimidate bonus. After several sigil fights, I…still had a 70% Intimidate bonus.

That’s intentional for the reason that you mentioned :slight_smile: It would be way too easy to absolutely obliterate every sigil in your inventory using this ability otherwise.

Drat. I was afraid of that.

Creidieki, I have a slightly clever way to fix that, but it’s hard to guarantee. Pandemonium tokens have a chance to plate the realm wroth more enemies… :wink:
Good luck!

Yeah, I considered that. I actually started out as a Chaos Mage, and before I switched class I sunk a bunch of royalty points in empowering panda tokens, and used up a stack of 230.

I’ve spent the last 5 hours of gameplay trying to get all of my gems back up from level 3.

Yeah, the ratios for tokens giving gem levels vs loading them is probably gain 1 per 3 lost.

Nah, I bet Zack’s about to tell us it’s 50/50.

When I was first experimenting with tokens, I got “all your gems go up a level” 5 or 6 times before I ever got “all your gems lose a level”. So I had thought it was a lot safer than it was. Whoops.

Actually, there’s about a 66% chance your gems will gain a level and a 33% chance you’ll lose a level.

“But Zack, surely the numbers are switched - it’s bugged!” you say.

Nope, just double-checked.

Man, I must really just have crazy bad luck. Lol

RNGesus ain’t your savior, amigo.

Well guess I always have bad luck when using pandemonium tokens because I had cases where level 10 gems ended up as level 4.
But hey, one page of imbued orbs and 10 demon dust make up for it. I guess we can not be lucky all the time :smiley: