Invincible Enemies

Ran into two instances tonight where an enemy was unkillable… not due to any trait or realm mod that I could tell.

I’m in the late 300s. From the battle log it just seems like the attack or spell never lands on the enemy. Not negated or doing zero damage - just nothing. Every few attacks I’d see a dodge but other than that nothing.

I’m running instigation on a defense scaling build so the enemy had min defense.

I don’t know if I’d ever had this happen previously and I’m a bit baffled

It’s shadow bulwark that’s causing enemies to bug out. Happened twice more today, once was a voidlord and another was one that had it as a temp trait. No amount of damage (alphabet amounts of atk / int) could damage it. Again, log just shows nothing happening.

I’ve figured out what’s happening here. If you deal indirect damage 15 times (max damage per turn) to a mob that is immune to direct damage, once your creatures turn rolls around it doesn’t even attempt to damage with the attack or spell.

These need to be separate or reset when player gives the creature a command.