Invisibility + Auto-Fight

I am not sure if this is a global issue or not, but an enemy Revenant Cabalist gave an ally invisible. I wouldn’t care, but holding down ‘e’ to fight at uberspeed and level my new monsters held up because the default selected monster was not targetable. However, there was two other valid targets adjacent.

I would make it so if you are spamming down ‘e’ it will exclude invis monsters from the list, or shift to a new one if the former target becomes invis.

well i would do a lot of things when holding E. shift attack/cast when you are silenced/scorned. auto-target next creature with core when extracting. after all remove need of holding E making it some sort of toggle in menu before we break fingers :slight_smile:

If we want to improve auto-fighting even more over Siralim 2, if you have no valid target then auto-defend, and if you don’t have the mana for your default spell then auto-attack.

A long term goal might be tailoring this to player taste more with a set of options (If X happens do you want to automate it or pause?) but for now I’d just be happiest to minimize the tedium of grinding with manual button presses!

but wouldnt it trivialize the combat completely. i understand some things are stupid farm, when you need that trivialization, since you barely can loose even if you have all the debuffs and enemy goes 3 times in a row aoeing. but if you ll have all that convenience wouldnt you build all your teams to supplement it so you can just press E and watch the scene? idk.
myself i would go for full combat automation on farm spree. when you spam 100 charms of same creatures… you actually go for 1 hit manual kills since game handles manual casts/attacks the fastest.

But really atm you can build a team that can auto-kill anything around its level (pallida) - disadvantage - no control over killing itherian/singular creatures/no extraction. OR you can build a team that can manually kill anything around its level when you want it - basically the best, you can extract with your fastest creature then kill with 2nd one, speed heavy build ofc.

If game would eliminate all the possibilities of 1shot-killing everything then auto-options may be ok, but id rather go for a combo of auto-options AND auto-resolve, when game can resolve combats automatically based on speed turn order/presenting start of the battle spells (monsters have pallida too) - can do it in experimental mode. though i suppose ppl would build for auto then :stuck_out_tongue:

TLDR only thing i REALLY want:
option that in combat game would treat your E key as held and fast forward automatically, but stop on commands.
so far i have to hold E manually till command spawns. doing it 4hrs per day makes my fingers really strong.