Invisibility lasts too long

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    When fighting the creature that turns invisible after getting hit, the message says “Invisible for 1 turn”. I’ve seen them stay invisible for 3 or 4 turns…

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Doesn’t happen a consistent number of turns, but almost always lasts longer than 1 turn.

Are you sure that was 3-4 turns for the creature that got the invisibility? Since it lasts until that creature gets another turn. That way it can take 6 of your turns before it becomes visible again. Just asking since I havent noticed this myself, and you seem to have encountered it multiple times. :slight_smile:

Yes, 3-4 turns for that creature.

Happened if there was only one, or if there were other creatures. Even if there were two or more with the invisibility ability.

Seeing 2 turns go by until it wears off is very common. Once invisibility procs, it ends in the next round (which I’m not a big fan of). When you’re faster than willow spirits, for example, you’ll pretty much always see them take a free full attack and stay invisible unless you finish them in one shot. That’s because that first turn is still in the same round, and the effect doesn’t wear off until the next.

It may get even more wonky when put together with the Fallen Carnage’s ability, for example, which gives things additional turns. That should wear it off if the invisible creature is using it, but maybe not. It would all be simpler if the buff always wore off at the end of the creature’s turn instead of a particular round.

That’s how it works already. The creature in question is allowed to take a full turn without losing invisibility, though.

Yeah, the creature’s invisibility activates, his turn comes and he acts, then when his next turn comes out wears out at the beginning of the turn. That’s a one turn effect. Lasts through the turn and ends at the start of his next.

Except that I have seen them make 2 or 3 attacks and keep invisible… definitely more than 1 of their turn.