iOS 1.0.6: Choosing Realm w/ <2000 Power Only Steals 1000 Power

Game version 1.0.6
Device: iPhone 13

Hi, this is super picayune, but on choosing a realm I think the app takes 1000 power off, checks to see if YOU currently have 1000 power, and then refuses to let you teleport to that realm if you don’t. In other words, you really need 2000 power to spend that first 1000 power to choose a realm. I’ve lost 5-6000 power when forgetting this - about 5 minutes of exploring really - but just wanted to mention.

May also happen trying to upgrade/enchant Spell Gems with an extra 1000 of crystal still on hand, Thanks!!!

This is not the case, everything seems to be working correctly.

I just went to 1999 power, tried to get to RI 5, and I got a warning of insufficient power at which point I saw I was now at 999 power. 3 screenshots below, on mobile and photo c/p / drag not possible.

Pic 1 - 1999 Power

Pic 2 - Error message

pic 3 - Stranded minus 1K power