iOS 1.1.1 - Still losing power and access with 1001-1999 power


What’s happening on attempting to select a dungeon is this:

  • It takes 1000 power away permanently.
  • Then it checks your REMAINING power to see if you have a separate 1000 power.

So if you have 2000+ power, it’s fine. The check passes.

BUT if you have 1001 to 1999 power:

  • You lose 1000 power
  • the game checks that remaining power of 1 to 999 to see if that’s 1000 or more
  • it tells you you can’t select a dungeon, and just go randomly
  • then it keeps that extra power!

Essentially, it’s deducting power before the check to see if you have 1000 power.

I know it’s a small bug but it leeches away that extra 1000 power when I have almost nothing left.