iOS cannot reach start menu

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    Don’t know how it started. It randomly pop up when I start the game. Since then I keep getting this and can never reach the start menu.

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    I force quit before this. Not sure if it is the cause. Force quit many times before.

There’s a safety check added in the next patch that will make sure this can’t happen. It’s due to a corrupted cloud save file. The patch is currently in review by Apple and it should be released any time now (I’d be shocked if it’s not out today). Sorry about that!

Thanks for the fast reply. And the awesome game.

It seems that Apple is busy with iOS 10 and the patch is still not out yet. I got impatient and reinstalled the game, losing a lot of game progress. And also my progress of beating the infamous level 35. On the bright side, I can try another strategy now XD