IOS Cloud Export Suddenly Fails

Around one week ago, the cloud export on my IOS device started failing, here are the step to reproduce the issue.

Go to Could Storage.
Export To Cloud.
Select A Save File to export.
Select the slot to save the file on the cloud.
Application Says “Uploading to the cloud”. Upload finishes, in theory, succesfully.

Go to import from cloud.
The save file just imported show an older save file, rather than th enew one.
If i go to import from cloud on my mac (i also got the game on team), list of files also shows up an older save.

If i try to export to cloud from my mac, the save file is correctly displayed and updated on the cloud, however, on IOS it still fails, and that’s where I have my main save file.

Not sue if related, but this started to happen almost at the same time i finished the main story, plus, i’ve notice an tremendous increase on the load/save times, even during the game.

It’s possible that your save file is just too large, especially since you mentioned that the load/save times are really long. You probably just have too many artifacts and spell gems, which can be remedied by salvaging/grinding them. Please give that a try and let me know if the problem is resolved!

That seems to have fixed it, will try to keep it down then, Thank you!