Ios crash after battle

I crash everytime i beat the boss vitja at realm depth 30. Tested it extensively and every time I beat her the app crashes completely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Playing hellknight. The crash occurs as the experience bars are being filled. Thanks. Iphone 7 version 13.3.

iPhone 7 is a bit underpowered to handle the game, unfortunately. It only has 2GB RAM which is bound to cause some issues. You could try turning on High Performance Mode under Options → Display and make sure no other apps are running, but that still might not be enough.

Unfortunately even with that option it was not enough. :frowning: Thanks for the reply.

Are there any updates planned that might help with this problem?

Sorry, but there’s no way to cut the overhead down that much to where it can reliably run on 2 GB RAM.

You can request a refund from Apple: Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple - Apple Support

Try mashing the A button when gaining experience to skip the experience gain animation. I’ve encountered this before too and that has always resolved the issue for me.

I was having this very trouble on my old iPhone and the fix that I stumbled upon/is working so far is that I very regularly hit the tiny “C” button to make sure that I have seen all my achievements as soon as I get out of any fight. For whatever reason, this has resulted in vastly improved results and I have been able to make it past level 40 - you wouldn’t necessarily think the achievements occupied that much memory, but I’m regularly astounded by what I don’t understand about programming. If you haven’t already returned it, I hope this helps you out.