iOS Enchant Gem Crashing

Screenshot included

Yes, this is an awful crash that will occur every time you try to enchant gems. A new update is already pushed to Apple and we’re just waiting on them to approve it so you can download it. Should be out tomorrow if all goes well. Really sorry about that :frowning:

blah still waiting for the update :frowning: is it possible it can come on a weekend?

I have never seen an update for Siralim release during the weekend, but it is apparently possible based on what I’ve read.

:slight_smile: well I have just been saving alot for when them random crashes happen when clicking on a monster to attack them. And since I can’t finish the enchant gem quest yet ive been hard at work making 21x lv10 gems for my first Nether creature. can’t wait to finally make one eventually lol.

Yeah, I have 15 level 10 gems for four different creatures now, just waiting to be enchanted once the update comes out. Hurry up Apple!